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Mohamed Elomar has a warrant out for his arrest.

Photo of Aussie with severed Syrian heads sparks warning

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Photos of an Australian brandishing severed heads of Syrian government soldiers has sparked a warning from Prime Minister Tony Abbott.


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yamostlyidiots - Rockhampton City

LOL, hes running around with severed heads, and the big man, Tony Abbott thinks hes threatening him with jail time ? seems someone had a brain fail there .... and then a comment about Australians shouldn't leave our shores to fight in wars .... ummm...


The Sun's Mark of the Devil front page.
Religion & Spirituality

Sun front claims boy, 4 has 'mark of the devil'

IF ever there was an indication of the gulf that can exist between the tabloid press and real news it’s today’s front page of The Sun.


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bensy35 - Harristown

I betcha the Catholic Church would have a field day with this boy. I say, just leave him alone let him have a good life, just because he's got a mark of the devil allegedly or supposedly, he should be treated & raised like a good human being, forget...


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