June 2016

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"I received two yellow cards and then red. Yes, I was shocked, it’s the strangest thing I have ever experienced in football."

Footballer given brown...I mean, red card for farting

"Iron men can be distinguished by the rust stains on their jocks but footballers have to be given..."

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AT 15 weeks, Claire and Ben Martin were told their baby had Down Syndrome. They made an appointment to abort but changed their minds at the last minute.

"Let's go home, we can't kill this baby"

"True, caring for offspring with a severe disability is not like having a pet even though the duty of..."

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WHO poisoned and killed six Fraser Island dingoes will be the the focus of an investigation by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

Whoever killed dingoes had ‘a strong hatred’

"There are two sides to every argument. What would be the reasonfor such hatred? Would it possibly be..."

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A Sunshine Coast man has told of being blocked from an express train travelling through Brisbane's north because he was wearing a Blues jersey.

TOO FAR? Blues jersey cost this fan his train ride

"Struth, a new "racism" has emerged. Discrimination against people wearing blue? Shows how much the..."

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A man has taken out a full page advert in the Metro newspaper, in response to what he calls “the rubbish being talked about immigration”.

Brexit EU referendum: Ad slams 'immigration' claims

"If only 1% of 330000 Muslim migrants hold Islamist views that's 3300 Islamists per year entering the..."

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EVERY mum wants their child to eat a healthy, balanced diet. But the reality is, kids are their own (little) people.

OPINION: Feeding fussy kids is all about bribery

"Grandma's law.... If you don't eat your veges you don't get dessert. "

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A MAN and his goat are we on their way to fulfilling God's call to walk across the country.

Man and goat fulfilling God's calling to walk across country

"Forrest Gump was mentally deficient, so what's this guy's excuse? Playing "goat simulator" on his..."

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There will be once-in-a-generation astronomical event tonight.

Once in a 'strawberry moon' event

"Is this one of those blood moons the prophets of doom are so fond of telling us about? "

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THE humble onesie that fashion fad that seems never to fade will soon be on top of Africa’s tallest mountain.

Why a Sunshine Coast man will climb Kilimanjaro in a onesie

""Onesie"...... never heard of one until now. I think I'll stick to my King gees overalls. "

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TWO locals have died and a group of Australian tourists has been seriously injured in a bus crash in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu crash victims arrive in Australia

"Makes one wonder if this is Karmic payback on P&O; after the cigarette flicking debacle?"

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