August 2016

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A woman was ordered out of a long-sleeved shirt in Nice, France, this week.

'World's gone mad':Woman ordered out of long shirt in France

"Virtue signal acknowledged Carlie. How soon one forgets, The ban is not to persecute Muslim women..."

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ARMED police have forced a woman on a beach in Nice to remove her burkini as part of a controversial new ban.

Burkini ban: French police force woman to take off top

"The whole idea behind the ban is not to emancipate women but to make a statement against Extremism. "

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WOOLWORTHS  has posted a loss of $1.23 billion following its Masters hardware store failures and a downturn in sales at Big W.

Woolworths, Target post massive losses, write-downs

"Losses like this despite screwing the dairy farmers? Things must be crook! Perhaps competition..."

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A Gladstone teen is told by court magistrate he can't just sit at home and waste his life smoking 20 drug cones a day

'20 cones a day': Gladstone teen spends Centrelink on pot

"Mr Bligh seems to be one of those unfortunates with an addictive personality. Is there such a..."

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It's vibrant, it's feisty and it's officially been named in honour of our FIFO workers.

It's a dancing, hermaphrodite creature called a FIFO

"FiFo FiFo fan I see a slug for the mining man. Be he in or be he out hermaphrodite slugs are..."

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THE former Australian boyfriend of the British backpacker stabbed to death in Queensland says he is “truly devastated” by her death.

Former boyfriend's tribute to Home Hill stabbing victim

"I sure pity the French having to deal with a great many more "lone wolf" mentally disturbed nutters..."

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TWEED Shire Council is continuing its crack down on illegal campers, despite having one loss against fine recipient in court recently.

Council keeps crackdown on illegal vans

"Better get used to it council. The cost of housing is driving a lot more people to living out of..."

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Tradie steals pregnancy test kit from a Gladsatone chemist then returns to steal a fantasy sex toy

Gladstone tradie grabs 'pure fantasy' sex toy

"Hope he got a buzz out of the sex toy."

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A ROCKY planet that might have aliens on it has been found, close enough that we could travel there.

"Second Earth" discovered, just beyond our solar system

"What stance would the major religions take if intelligent life was found? Perhaps they have been..."

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Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis woke up devastated this morning with the knowledge an industry and an integral part of his community had been destroyed.

Gulaptis: Greyhound racing ban a 'human tragedy'

"Just another law to restrict people's freedom to enjoy life. Guns, fireworks, riding in utes..."

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