May 2016

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THIRTY juveniles appeared before the Toowoomba Children's Court on Thursday on offences ranging from public nuisance to robbery with violence.

Who's minding the kids?

"I recall predictions that were poo-pooed when all those on the Supporting Pension were kicked off when..."

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STEPHEN Frears’ new film, Florence Foster Jenkins, explores a very peculiar tale in musical history

Florence Foster Jenkins: Hitting the wrong note

"Tragic is it seems she never knew how bad her singing was. OTOH there's many people these days (&..."

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TOOWOOMBA doctor Kent Perkins was distressed to learn that there were about five per cent more suicides in Toowoomba when compared to Brisbane.

Doctor demands action over 'distressing' suicide rates

"Many Medical folks will dismiss problems & trivialise rather serious symptoms. & the very limited..."

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A university has removed a poster for its cheerleading squad after the graphic received severe backlash, including may people calling it sexist and misogynistic.

Uni cheerleaders poster blasted as 'misogynistic'

"Yep "PC gone bad" is often the catch cry of those who want the right to bully/belittle those they deem..."

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THE parents of murdered Toowoomba teenager Jake Lasker have expressed frustration that a second man charged is unlikely to face court this year

Family frustrated as son's accused killer gets reprieve

"I'd think this is an ongoing nightmare for everyone involved. Not just the Jake's family and those..."

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"WE know you Aussies love your beer, so we got some in especially for you”

Are Aussies the only ones who drink beer properly?

"So what happens to those Aussies who prefer NOT to drink?"

April 2016

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TOOWOOMBA residents are more likely to take their own lives or die of avoidable diseases caused by smoking, drinking and obesity than Aussies living in capital

Why our politicians are making Toowoomba sick

"I'd like to see the Toowoomba figures compared to those in a more rural community This isn’t an "us..."

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IF YOU dread the thought of writing your resume, keep in mind a killer CV can make all the difference in landing that job interview.

Get noticed: Tips on how to get your resume right

"A lot of this depends on the personal bias of the persona culling the applications. I recall someone..."

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PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has rejected New Zealand’s offer to take 150 asylum seekers from the 900 Manus Island detainees waiting to learn their future.

Turnbull blocks New Zealand's offer to help refugees

"Good Grief How is this any difference between this & the actions of school bullies?"

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TREASURER Scott Morrison has given a hint on the focus of his first budget.

Morrison hints budget is for those wanting to "get ahead"

"Obviously only those he sees as being the right people to "get ahead"."

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