October 2016

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WHEN Stephen Schroeder found a small purplish pimple on his groin in 2013, he dismissed it as an ingrown hair and ignored it for six months.

When an in-grown hair or "pimple" tries to kill you

"What did the story justifies the headline? It wasn't an ingrown hair, it was a cancer that was ignored."

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<strong>YOUR SAY:</strong> We have a very interesting issue regarding same sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage: ‘Think of the children’

"Yep... old tried & tested tactics to discredit anyone holding an opinion different to their..."

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Salma Hayek has revealed she believes Donald Trump planted a story about her in the National Enquirer in order to cojole her into going on a date with him.

Salma Hayek: 'Trump planted story because I turned him down'

"Except when it's trial by media & those voicing their experiences are judged to be liars because (in a..."

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DEBORAH Thomas, the CEO of Dreamworld’s parent company, has offered heartfelt sympathy to one of the families of those killed in Tuesday’s ride disaster.

Dreamworld boss breaks silence with message to family

"Woops my apologies Peter - wasn't aware of any ride call "mighty Mouse'. My bad."

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FEARING the pitter-patter of mini zombies, ghosts, monsters and witches when they take to the streets to celebrate Halloween?

How to keep the Halloween zombies away

"It's based on the festival celebrating the "third harvest" (or the end of harvest season) and the..."

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BRITNEY Spears suffered a wardrobe malfunction during one of her Las Vegas concerts at the weekend.

Britney Spears suffers wardrobe malfunction

"Malfunction or a PR stunt? "

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HOLDING your loved ones close after they have been cremated is now against the Catholic Church after a Vatican decree authorised by Pope Francis.

Vatican: Cremated Catholics won't get "Christian funeral"

"Well the funeral is about before the body is cremated... What happens afterwards.. well not sure if..."

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THE Ipswich man sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering and raping French student Sophie Collombet told police he was “a bit of a sex addict”.

Sophie Collombet murderer: "I'm a bit of a sex addict"

"So is this admission supposed to justify killing another human being?"

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Pure Land Learning College's Venerable Wu Sheng said the college had been supporting the foundation for more than 10 years and that support would continue.

Pure Land Learning College donates $120,000 to research

"I recall a set of Chronicle stories, a good 8 years ago, listing the influential people & organisations..."

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