December 2016

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PLANS for a multi-million dollar space observatory upgrade planned have been lodged with council, giving unprecedented insight into how the project will work.

EXPLAINED: How million dollar space observatory will work

"Was thinking it'd have to be a fair bit south to miss all the sky glow. Wonder what'd happen if/when..."

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AN UNDERSTRENGTH committee yesterday decided to delay a vote on a bid by Toowoomba’s Islamic community to overturn restrictions.

Planners deny 'discrimination' over Muslim restrictions

"I'm still waiting for ANYONE to tell me if there were any restrictions & parking orders placed on the ..."

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THREE important issues before council's yesterday - the Yarranlea solar farm, the Westbrook prison conversion and the mosque worshipper numbers controversy.

OPINION: Councillors missing in action for big issues

"Any bets how long some "normal" worker would hold their job if they pulled stunts like this? "

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A gay teenager broke down in tears the day before his suicide, telling a friend he was afraid of returning to school.

Gay teen revealed bullying before suicide

"It may work for you... I've a ton of emails AND hard copy evidence that documentation is no..."

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<strong>BREAKING:</strong> Councillors have a delayed a decision to allow a Muslim organisation to remove restrictions on the number of worshippers allowed.

Under-strength TRC committee ducks mosque decision

"Yep Our Rates at work... or not... Still they get paid... humm.. "

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<strong> BREAKING</strong>: Toowoomba councillors have voted to approve a plan by Pureland College Association to transform a former prison.

Council approves conversion of prison to Buddhist centre

"I with them all the luck in this endeavour "

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THE IMAM of the Garden City Mosque is hopeful the region's councillors will remove restrictions on the number of Muslims allowed to worship, despite planning officers opposing the move.

Furore over mosque numbers to be decided today

"I still wanna know were there any restrictions placed on the previous religious groups using the..."

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THE zookeeper who punched a kangaroo has reportedly had threats made against his life by animal rights activists.

Zookeeper who punched kangaroo gets death threats

"Frankly I'd like to see those gutless folks making the threats actually do a round with the..."

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<strong>YOUR SAY:</strong> In reference to Dr Stephen Hagan’s comments that Toowoomba is the most racist city, I would like to know how he came to such a statement.

Opinion: Calling Toowoomba racist is a generalisation

"Frankly I think one of the issues is that people are fed so much bilgewater that they cannot think for..."

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NOT-for-profit and community groups in towns surrounding Toowoomba will soon have access to a cash fund after a proposal by council was endorsed.

Council opens cash fund to towns surrounding Toowoomba

"I know some local Community groups who are struggling - I hope they are eligible. Too often we see..."

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