May 2015

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THE event launch for this year’s Languages and Cultures Festival provided a sneak peek into the Indian Arts Spectacular that is set to headline the festival.

10th birthday festivities for Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival

"Actually I'm surprised. I thought it was older than 10 years... Always a good day for those who can..."

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SUNSHINE Coast anti-mosque protestors say they won't speak with Muslims about a planned “place of worship” because they already know what to expect.

Anti-mosque group 'won't talk to muslims'

""They know what to expect"?? Nah they are scared that they may have been fed lies and 1/2 truths and..."

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<strong>YOUR SAY:</strong> Singaporeans do not sit back and say “you won’t find drug dealers on the streets of Singapore”.

YOUR SAY: Hangings don't stop drug dealers in Singapore

"Last I checked Singapore is not Indonesia. They have quite different laws."

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IF you were an employer and had two resumes exactly the same, except one belonged to a Mary Smith and the other to a John Smith, who would you choose?

Expert: Society devalues women with pay disparity

"All the useless patronising 3 word slogans are useless when it comes the problems finding..."

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A WELL-intentioned plan to provide facilities for the young Sunshine Coast rowers has degenerated into a stoush over indigenous land rights.

Indigenous land rights stoush over rowing facility

"Unfortunately good intentions ALSO require a good head to understand all the elements needed to get a..."

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JAYDEN Driussi, 13, is the second-oldest Australian alive with the rare dietary condition Tyrosinemia, thanks to a Federal funding program introduced in 2001.

YOUR STORY: Govt to cut program that keeps Jayden alive

"Thank you for putting a face to these cruel & heartless cuts. People rarely realise (or care) that..."

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ST MARY’S Parish Priest Father Franco Filipetto is preparing to visit UNESCO Headquarters in Paris to take part in talks on business, media and education.

Darling Downs parish priest jets off to Paris

"Been watching the Facebook entries of the other Locals going with Purelands to this event. Looks..."

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TOOWOOMBA West Special School deputy principal Glenn Gatehouse said a $10,000 Telstra Kids Fund grant will be used to provide special needs computer equipment.

Toowoomba school gets special needs computer software

"Good to see some Special Needs students are being given a hand to reach out to the world.."

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TWO separate stories in The Chronicle today prompt the question: “Where are Toowoomba’s parents?”

OPINION: Are kids out of control?

"Problem is this could have been a letter to the Editor in any of the planet's papers over the last..."

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SAME-sex marriage advocates have hailed the historic Ireland marriage equality vote as a win for Australian couples and urged federal politicians to follow.

Same-sex marriage supporters gain hope from Irish vote

"In all honestly what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is nobody else's..."

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