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"I've no desire to get any ink, but that's my decision... I've seen some brilliant pieces of..."

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"Humm have to wonder if an obvious fraud like this will be handed over to the Police. Or is this just..."

Commented on a story 7:15pm Jan 29th

"I read the article - I also know the recent history of TSSS from sitting on it's PnC & yeah you can..."

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"This man as lied, cheated, misrepresented or just manufactured evidence and trashed the reputation of..."

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"Back in the days when manners meant something, I was taught it was rude to ask a woman her age..."

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"Useless in the Toowoomba Region given it's joke of a public bus service and non-existent passenger rail..."

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"Yep & in the process condoning piracy in international waters..."

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"It you want to catch..."

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"Yeah I noticed that hand gesture - thought it was rather sneaky of whoever chose it for the..."

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