September 2016

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IAN Macfarlane is set to receive a huge $500,000 boost to his income after being pulled from the golf course to the executive board of a mining lobby group.

Ian Macfarlane gets $500,000 boost to income

"What did Hockey say about double dipping.. Oh that's right he's currently double dipping over in the..."

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"I have regularly deactivated my Facebook account for as long as I can remember."

OPINION: Could you go two weeks without Facebook?

"Personally I'm getting sick of these "evil new technology" stories It's my personal opinion that..."

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A LIBERAL MP who charged the taxpayer for the cost of flights to his own wedding says the claim was made in error.

MP repays travel claim for flights to his own wedding

"Oh it's all OK cause it was found in a self-audit Yeah seems ligit Not. Wonder what else will..."

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MALCOLM Turnbull's National Broadband Network is either a raging success of a miserable failure, depending on who you believe.

NBN: 'Expensive and slow' or raging success?

"Umm next option please? There's still elderly folks who still cannot understand why they are loosing..."

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MELODY Jarvis has a vision and she is using it to save small towns into the future.

Shop My Town: Online book promotes local shopping

"I'd be interested in seeing the values & any events such businesses support before I chose to support..."

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GROOM has been labelled one of only a few electorates across the country likely to oppose same-sex marriage.

Groom residents likely to vote against same-sex marriage

"Really have to wonder about the values of those who fret about what goes on in the bedroom of..."

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<strong>UPDATE:</strong> IAN Macfarlane was on the sixth hole at Middle Ridge Golf Club when he received a phone call from the Queensland Resources Council.

Macfarlane goes from golf course to CEO of mining group

"Gee & after all those words Abbott said about how the industry ought to thank Macfarlane for all the..."

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AUSTRALIANS' right to freedom of speech has been called into question with a commercial printer's refusal to print a book written by doctor David van Gend.

Doctor accuses gay lobby of censoring controversial book

"It's always interesting to see how the accusations go flying. This wouldn't be the SAME Dr who..."

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More than $90 million in funding will be made available to help long-term welfare recipients find, and keep jobs

Nation's welfare at stake

"Yeah Anyone else noticed how he picks on those young Carers? Those who save the Government money by..."

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<strong>UPDATE:</strong> A printer has reportedly pulled out from publishing a book on same sex marriage written by a Toowoomba doctor.

Gays to infiltrate book launch, printer backs out

"We are a multicultural - there for a multi-spiritual - country. Each of those different faiths have..."

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