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"Bother I was going to attend, but had an emergency.."

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"Interesting... Only that that's been the case for the past 20 odd years. So I am interested in..."

Commented on a story 7:15am Aug 31st

"I'd like to know which God? Considering how many world religions there are & most of them have one..."

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"TRC's concept of "consultation" is very much open to interpretation. Strikes me that they do what..."

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"I agree that School Students need extra help. Just Students with problems REALLY need someone who'll..."

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"So where do the Students who cannot go to a Chaplain for help is expected to go to? Many Students..."

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"Asaleh - dare I ask "WHICH GOD"? Multicultural Australia equals multi-spiritual & sorry Australia..."

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"I'll repeat what I said 3 hours ago.. I worry about those Students with problems who for a variety..."

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"IN an insane moment a few years ago I sent away for an SU's application package. Was mortified at..."

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"So you chose to be "amused" rather than address the valid concerns of others? With respect you have..."

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