24 July - 23 August

Now that the Moon and Jupiter are transiting together in your third house, you can take a journey that will bring you a great deal of satisfaction. It may not be a long journey but will nevertheless stimulate and expand your circle of influence as well. Uranus influences your ninth house of travels along with the aspect of Jupiter as well. Things can happen quickly and unexpectedly with educational pursuits being of much interest to you under this cycle. You need to give some time to yourself and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Today you should acknowledge rather than beating all yourself up.


24 August - 23 September

The financial boundaries you have set for yourself may need to be reappraised while overly generous Moon and Jupiter transit your second house of finance. While this means you can earn extra cash somehow, you may wear your heart on your sleeve and could be unnecessarily giving away this hard earned cash. You need to maintain a level of integrity when dealing with others in business as well. The bigger picture culturally, and part you play in it may feature in some discussion or interest you are developing. These topics may also relate to ethical issues while Venus, the spiritual planet is transiting your career sector.


24 September - 23 October

You could be riding high socially, but be careful that you don't invite envy or displeasure from others. For you, the Moon is an important planet and is transiting through your Sun sign now while in the company of expansive Jupiter. This is a prominent transit in your horoscope so this means as far as possible you should by all means expand, seek success and connect with those who can help you but remain sensitive to the needs of others as well. Things that affect you today may make you wild, either with anger or passion. With the Moon and Saturn moving into a favourable aspect your thinking will be deliberate and clear.


24 October - 22 November

You could feel overwhelmed by someone right now. Handling their deep, dark emotions are spotlighted today while the Moon and Jupiter transit your 12th house or hidden aspects of your life. This is also due to the fact that you are in a phase of deep soul-searching and maybe attracting people who need your help in this area of life. Your best successes will come from working behind the scenes and communicating your ideas through written forms. This also meets however that there may be enemies lurking in the shadows don�t take this to simply mean people as it may relate more to the inner demons of your own personality.


23 November - 22 December

You could have an unexpected encounter with someone, as the Moon and Jupiter influence your 11th house of friendships and social connections during this phase. The Moon creates fluctuations in your emotions and with Mars also transiting your ninth house, your impulses, especially for travel and learning may be strong. Don't place too much emphasis on new acquaintances. You may need to be less sensitive and accommodating of others when you tell them their character flaws. This is because they haven�t heeded respected you in the past. Some people don�t understand unless you give them a kick in the pants.


23 December - 20 January

This is a time to rely only on yourself and your own resources, gather in your scattered forces, and concentrate on your own work. You may meet numerous obstructions and delays so that you don't accomplish as much or work as quickly as you would like. You can, however, do a very thorough job and also tackle the kind of difficult or disagreeable tasks you usually avoid. You have the energy and drive to take the initiative today. If you listen to propaganda or rumours, this will thwart your progress. Ignore what you hear and continue along your merry way. You may need to pay a higher premium for insurance or other financial services.


21 January - 19 February

You have an opportunity to get to know your neighbors better and may discover some common interests that had eluded you previously. This is due to the aspect of the Moon and Jupiter in your third house. You have an innate pride in your current circumstances and deserve to feel this but be careful you don�t incur the displeasure of others by appearing too smug about it. Spend time at home beautifying your surroundings as your mind is creative and dynamic and you�re keen to get things done domestically. Mercury in your eighth house now makes you curious about the hidden secrets of life.


20 February - 20 March

Spending and earning money is the focus of your attention due to the Moon and Jupiter influencing your second house of finances. Finding new ways of earning money is the focus at present and the Moon and Jupiter combination is lucky and likely to give you the opportunities you are looking for. A gift doesn�t have to be expensive to honor someone by the way. There may be an occasion where you need to purchase a gift or offer a token of appreciation. Remember, it�s the thought that counts. If you perceive a threat in the social pecking order today, you'll need to match that person�s level of arrogance, unfortunately.


21 March - 20 April

Your relationships should be blessed with the transit of the Moon and Jupiter in your seventh house. You�re in a powerful phase of emotional and sexual attractiveness. New relationships can start and end quickly but generally, the brightening Moon is a good omen and should give you a positive sense of your love life now. If you�re searching for love this could be the time when someone pops up out of the blue and pulls on your heartstrings. You�re impulsive today and acting on emotion may be your undoing. Have a good reason to do what you do or your rebellious attitude may result in untoward consequences.


21 April - 21 May

If you're feeling discontent put it down to the fact that you're focusing on the wrong side of the relationship. This is because you feel isolated and a strange from the very people you profess to love. To bring the relationship back into focus you need to make some sort of sacrifice. Turn your disappointment around into something positive. Don�t allow envy to bring down your current relationships. You may look at others and wish that you had what that have. Be satisfied with what you�ve got. Don�t avoid taxation and other government or bureaucratic issues. Address these issues immediately to free your mind of worry.


22 May - 21 June

If you have any doubts in a friendship, you�ll need to delve deeply to get the truth. You could be flip-flopping about your feelings and this is because of the Moon in your fifth house today which happens to be the sign of Libra, well-known for emotional oscillation. Others may be avoiding the important questions you want to ask, but you must persist if you want to understand the reality of your current situation. You need to take the right course of action to gain the respect and admiration of others in your workplace today as well. Stand by your decisions and creative impulses, even if others don�t agree or even ridicule you.


22 June - 23 July

Once you identify the lunatic in your midst, you�ll be immediately relieved. Once you have this worked out you have to extricate yourself from the madness once and for all. Don't waste any time as you never get a second of your life back again. Some exciting new friendships may appear and disappear just as quickly with the aspect of Venus and Saturn influencing you now. Enjoy them while they last. Your work has been hamstrung by one or more people but you must keep your feelings under control as Uranus is moving through your 10th house of professional activities today in aspect to Mercury which makes you excitable.

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Now that the Moon and Jupiter are transiting together in your third house, you can take a journey that will bring you a great deal of...

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