5 words you are using incorrectly

VOCABULARY: This do would never homework where the word icon was incorrectly used.
VOCABULARY: This do would never homework where the word icon was incorrectly used. Supplied

Understanding and using precise nomenclature is essential no matter your profession.

In other words, it's best to avoid sounding like a 14-year-old.

Unless of course you are one.

Meanwhile, here are five words you are probably using incorrectly:

1. Random - It's when something is made, created or occurs without method or conscious decision. As in by chance. Not when you meet your friends in your local café.

2. Legend - King Arthur is a legend. So is Merlin. Someone who kicked a goal in the final moments of a footy match is a top athlete or team player, not a legend.

3. Awesome - Is something which inspires genuine awe. Such as a piece of outstanding art, science, architecture or literature is awesome. Not some idiot you filmed roller-skating on a netball court.

4. Icon - A logo on a computer program or phone or traditionally a devotional painting of Christ or another holy figure in the Byzantine and other Eastern Churches is an icon (aka ikon). Someone so desperately media-hungry they post selfies six times a day is not. Ever.

5. Major - Is a rank in the armed services or a piece of music, not a significant / important / critical incident or incident.

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