Australia's 'big' things

AUSTRALIA is a big country, and dotted around this great land are a collection of 'big' things. From sheep to trucks, pineapples and prawns. Who doesn't love something 'BIG'?

Here are a few of our favourites.

The Big Banana
Coffs Harbour's most famous icon and one of Australia's original 'big' things. At 11m wide and 5m high, this is an unmissable sight whilst driving up the highway.

The Big Pineapple
Is there any better icon of Queensland's identity than the Big Pineapple? Probably... but is there one that is bigger? This 18m high tropical monolith is renowned as one of Australia's premier 'big' things and a must see if you are travelling north up the Qld coast.

The Big Cow
Another 'big' thing to be found in Nambour is the Big Cow. This over-sized bovine is regarded by many to be one of the finest examples of 'big' thing craftsmanship in Australia, ensuring many a passing tourist stops for a happy snap along their travels.

The Big Merino
Another of Australia's top 'big' things, the Big Merino is a proud homage to Australia's long agricultural and pastoral heritage. This 15m high replica is well worth the stop if your travelling from Sydney to Canberra.

The Big Beer Can
What 'big' list could possibly be complete without a 'big' beer can! Whilst non VB drinkers might take offence to this sculpture, this is a tribute to something that is deeply entrenched in the core of Australia's psyche. Alternatively, it might just be a 'big' beer can. We'll let you decide.

The Big Guitar
Tamworth's Big Golden Guitar is a striking tribute to the town's rich country music heritage. Standing 12 metres tall and weighing half a tonne, this 'big' thing was modelled on the 'Golden Guitar' statue that is used for Australia's annual Country Music Awards.

The Big Lobster
The Big Lobster is a favourite among lovers of 'big' things. Firstly, at 18m high, its big. Secondly, it's a well constructed and faithful representation of our aquarius friend. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, after seeing such an impressive lobster up close, you can walk inside to the seafood restaurant below and order yourself a nice tasty seafood treat.

The Big Elephants
The Big Elephants greet visitors to the Raj Mahal Indian Emporium in Woolgoolga, NSW. Strictly speaking, due to the natural size of elephants in real life, these statues are really only 'large' elephants. But hey, when do you get the chance to see an elephant (big or large) in your town?

The Big Gum Boot
Tully's Golden Gumboot is a proud monument to the town's defining feature... rain. In 1950, Tully claimed the official title of wettest town in Australia when it was bucketed with 7.93m of annual rain fall. The 8m high gum boot is now the envy of Tully's neighbours who hotly contest the title of wettest town each year.

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