VICTIM: Teagan Moore and her partner Jake Burgess were stabbed at their Kuttabul home in late 2015. Jason Wayne Greatbatch faces attempted murder charges.
VICTIM: Teagan Moore and her partner Jake Burgess were stabbed at their Kuttabul home in late 2015. Jason Wayne Greatbatch faces attempted murder charges.

Did SA baker try to murder Mackay mum?

GRAPHIC video footage of a stabbing victim clutching tightly at his bloodied abdomen as paramedics rushed to give aid has been shown in a Mackay court.

Police allege the injured man on the footage, Jake Burgess, and his partner Teagan Moore were stabbed by South Australian baker Jason Wayne Greatbatch at the couple's Kuttabul home in the early hours of December 28, 2015.

Greatbatch is accused of flying from Ceduna, SA, hiring a car at Mackay Airport and driving to the couple's Sorensens Road home, about 40km north-west of Mackay.

Almost two years later, a committal hearing has been held in Mackay Magistrates Court to decide whether there's enough evidence for charges to proceed in a higher court.

Greatbatch faced court via videolink from prison on Monday before Magistrate Damien Dwyer, after he was unable to meet bail conditions.

He largely remained silent throughout the hearing and watched on from the confines of a barren room as the proceedings played out.

The 37-year-old's been charged with two counts of attempted murder, and one count each of unlawful stalking, acts intended to maim, disfigure or disable, common assault and entering a dwelling at night with intent. Greatbatch has not yet entered pleas to the allegations.

Six witnesses were called at committal, including Ms Moore and Mr Burgess' housemate at the time, a Hertz car hire staffer, three first response police officers and a Mackay CIB detective.

Defence barrister Joseph Crowley, who's represented a number of high-profile clients in the past, questioned witnesses about lighting surrounding the rural home on the day in question.

The video of Mr Burgess laying on the floor of his home, spattered with blood, was played while the housemate took the stand, reiterating evidence she'd given to police at the scene about hearing a car using the driveway of the home on the night.

The witness asked for a box of tissues when the frantic footage was repeatedly played due to technical issues in the court.

When the detective took the stand, Mr Crowley grilled her at length about an apparent lack of drug and alcohol testing performed on Ms Moore and Mr Burgess after they were attacked.

The detective conceded she did not know whether a search had been conducted for drugs and alcohol at the Kuttabul home, but said Scenes of Crime officers would have been sifting through the home as part of their normal duties.

One responding officer told the court Greatbatch was identified at the scene by witnesses.

"We'd been told he was a baker, or that he worked in a bakery or owned a bakery. I believe that Jason was identified to the family (living in the house) by Teagan, who had been stabbed," he said.

"And considering the proximity that the perpetrator would have been when he stabbed her, I would imagine she got a pretty damn good view of who it was.

"I had never spoken with Teagan, because when I got there Teagan had been stabbed. She was bleeding profusely, she was on her side in the recovery position. It was not my part at that point to start rolling her over and pumping her for information."

Mr Crowley told the court his examination of witnesses played into the alleged identification of Greatbatch at the scene.

After almost six hours, the committal was adjourned and the prosecution were ordered to disclose further information to the defence by December 22.

That includes text messages sent by Ms Moore to a supposed family member and evidence relating to any drug and alcohol use by Ms Moore, Mr Burgess and two witnesses.

"We, your honour, raise the issue of alcohol and drug use ... in relation to the identification, which is a serious issue in this trial," Mr Crowley said.

The part-heard committal was adjourned to January 30 and Greatbatch was remanded in custody.

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