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Health and nutrition coach and GAPS practitioner Sylvia Smith speaks about the benefits of the GAPS diet.
Health and nutrition coach and GAPS practitioner Sylvia Smith speaks about the benefits of the GAPS diet. Christopher Chan

UNEXPLAINED rashes, waking up at all hours of the night, gut or bowel discomfort - these issues may all result from your diet.

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet healthily levels out the good and the bad bacteria found in the stomach.

Health and nutrition coach and GAPS practitioner, Sylvia Smith is a firm advocate for the diet.

She has lived by it for most of her life because she has celiac disease.

But she said the diet isn't just for those diagnosed with the gluten intolerance disorder.

"It's a way to heal people's stomachs," Ms Smith said.

She said she'd seen the diet benefit young and old - including newborn babies.

"It's all about eating good, healthy foods," she said.

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For example, Ms Smith eats a nutritious breakfast of quinoa and rhubarb.

Ms Smith said an unhealthy diet of additives and preservatives was one of the most common causes of behavioural problems in children.

Whether it may be digestive problems, chronic cystitis, colic, bloating, diarrhoea or constipation the only way to experience and understand the benefits of the diet is to try it.

"Once you educate one member of the family, the whole family notices its benefits.

"It cuts down on illnesses, behavioural problems and can help with learning.

"There is a connection between an unhealthy gut and our brain."

Ms Smith's rule of thumb was to shop in the outer shelves of the supermarket.

That's generally where the unprocessed goods live.

Browsing through the recipe book she showed how easy healthy eating was.

After all, the chicken stir fry she had for lunch sounded delicious.

She said simply, the diet consisted of unprocessed whole, non starchy foods.

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