Fleeing driver hits 180kmh before running out of fuel

A MALE driver, 23, of a car that failed to stop will face Warwick Magistrates Court this morning on a swag of charges stemming from an early Sunday morning incident in Toowoomba.

About 9.20am Sunday, a white Holden Commodore sedan was clocked travelling at 72kmh in the 60kmh zone ascending The Range along the Warrego Hwy.

A police officer tried to intercept the car which initially slowed, but then sped away, Toowoomba police Sergeant Vern Holcombe said.

"The officer stood on the road with a 'stop police' sign - and the diver has initially slowed - and (the officer) started to walk toward the vehicle," Sgt Holcombe said.

"The vehicle has then accelerated and spun the tyres."

Sgt Holcombe said the officer was forced to jump aside out of the vehicle's path to avoid being injured.

He said the same car was reported by officers running a red light at the intersection of James and Kitchener Sts.

It was estimated he was travelling in excess of 100kmh in the designated 60kmh zone.

Goondiwindi police officers later clocked the car travelling at 180kmh near Goondiwindi.

Warwick police said the vehicle eventually ran out of fuel west of Yelarbon about 2pm Sunday and the driver was taken into custody by Goondiwindi police.

Warwick police said the charges were being finalised late last night by police.

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