Encourage your kids to head outdoors during the school holidays.
Encourage your kids to head outdoors during the school holidays. Hakase_

Get the little ones dirty these school holidays

Don't let the kids climb the walls these school holidays - get them outdoors for fresh air. Playing with dirt in the garden is scientifically proven to release happy chemicals like serotonin and help our little ones build their immune systems.


1. Build an outdoor fort: This is a great activity, not just because it's free but because your kids will need to practise teamwork to ensure their fort is the strongest it can be.

2. Plant a vegie garden: Visit your local nursery with the kids and let them pick out the seedlings that interest them. When kids are included in the growing and harvesting of their own vegies, they're more likely to eat them come dinner time.

3. Go on an insect safari: Head outdoors with the kids armed with a pen, paper and magnifying glass to learn about all walks of life and hone their observation skills by uncovering the secret lives of bugs.

4. Go backyard camping: Missed out on a spot at your favourite caravan park? Look no further than your backyard. Set up your tent, have a barbecue dinner and snuggle up in your sleeping bags under the stars for some quality family bonding time.

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