Ballet dancing is a full body workout, says dancer

Camille Warfield uses dance to keep fit.
Camille Warfield uses dance to keep fit. Kevin Farmer

IF YOU want a really good workout and hate going to the gym, Toowoomba dancer Alison Vallette has the perfect solution - a ballet class.

Ms Vallette is the principal of Toowoomba's Dance Central and knows from first-hand experience dancing can be a fantastic all-body workout.

"I believe dancing is better than going to the gym because there's that level of creativity involved," she said.

"It keeps you a little bit more motivated and it definitely doesn't feel like exercise."

Ms Vallette said ballet was the best type of dance if getting fit was on your to-do list.

"Ballet is great because it's more controlled than some other dances," she said.

"You're working out your entire body. It targets every part of your body.

"If you want to tone up or are looking to improve your core strength, ballet is the way to go.

"As long as you're coordinated there's no reason you can't pick up and start ballet at any age."

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Ms Vallette said tap dancing was a great dance and workout which anyone, no matter what age, could do.

"Tap classes usually focus more on legs as you use your feet more," she said.

"However it doesn't give you the same cardio workout that ballet does."

Dancer Diane Geytenbeek said she loved dancing for fitness because it didn't feel like she was exercising.

"You just get lost in it," she said.

"Then you wake up the next day and realise you have muscles you didn't know you had. That's the difference between it and going to the gym.''

Ms Vallette also said dancing was a good way to get children to exercise.



  •  Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
  •  Increased aerobic fitness
  •  Improved muscle tone and strength
  •  Weight management
  •  Better coordination, agility and flexibility

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