Koala death deemed 'foul play'

SUNSHINE Coast Koala Wildlife Rescue has called for an investigation to be opened into the death of a koala found decapitated last week after discovering his testicles had also been removed.

In what was first thought to be a motor accident, brothers Ray and Murray Chambers now believe koala Sullivan met with foul play after his carcass was discovered at Weyba Downs by the side of Emu Mountain Rd.

Sullivan, who had been rescued by the brothers late last year and nursed back to health from a bladder infection, was found with his head missing last week only five metres from his home tree.

He was taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital who said the injuries were consistent with a motor vehicle strike.

Ray has now called the death into question.

"A lot of things don't add up," he said.

"When we picked him up we could see the body had been tampered with.

"We checked the area as well. There was no blood on the road and no body fluids.

"At first I thought he was hit by a car and it took his head off ... but in my experience it was such a clean take that it just couldn't have been."

Ray feared Sullivan could have met foul play at the hand of a person or persons.

"There could be some sick person out there ... there's no excuse in today's world to do anything like this," he said.

"I believe in an eye for an eye with this kind of thing."

Sullivan was first brought to the attention of the Koala Wildlife Rescue service after he was found with a bladder infection late last year.

He was treated over a couple of months and released back into the wild.

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