BATTLE GROUND: Maranoa Labor candidate Linda Little knows she up against a tough field.
BATTLE GROUND: Maranoa Labor candidate Linda Little knows she up against a tough field. James Liveris

Little plans to dethrone Littleproud in the federal election

MARANOA ALP candidate Linda Little said she personally understood how the LNP neglected country people as she was forced to hand-feed her alpacas every morning during the ongoing drought.

Mrs Little, from Blackbutt, will contest the seat of Maranoa in the upcoming federal election because she believes the electorate is "crying out” for change after the 28-year LNP stronghold.

"During my travels around the Maranoa, I've been talking to local mayors and there seems to be a constant theme that we, the so-called little people, are being forgotten while big business is getting all the attention,” she said.

"I am consistently hearing from people in my electorate that their towns are dying, young people are leaving, jobs are scarce and the cuts to hospitals and essential health services are severely impacting everyone.

"I care about making the Maranoa great again and giving this region a voice and Labor has the policies to return stability to government by ending the chaos and confusion from the LNP.”

Maranoa Regional councillor David Schefe told the Western Star recently there had been a lack of federal funding and Member for Maranoa David Littleproud needed to "stop turning his back” on regional councils, declaring that fixing Roma and surrounding areas' dilapidated water infrastructure was a problem of all levels of government.

Mrs Little said the "forgotten voices” of Maranoa people needed to be heard.

"The LNP has cut massive amounts of funding from regional areas across the country and we are all struggling to get our fair share of funds from the present LNP government,” she said.

"The LNP's plan is to take money out of funds set aside for infrastructure that our region desperately needs - like roads, rail, communications energy and water - all while they are putting our tax dollars into the back pockets of millionaires, multinationals and banks.

"Our current MP is taking us for granted and not fighting hard enough.

"I am standing to be a strong voice in government for our region.”

Last week Mr Littleproud savaged federal ALP members for voting against the Future Drought Fund for farmers as it emerged Victorian Labor supported it.

"The Future Drought Fund gives farmers $100million a year for drought preparedness climate adaptation and resilience but Labor doesn't want farmers to have that,” Mr Littleproud said.

"Labor wants to spend that $100 million a year in city electorates.”

However, Mrs Little said Labor was committed to drought-proofing projects.

"I know how tough this drought has been for our farmers, I am also having to hand feed my alpacas, but I am a little luckier than some because I still have water in the dam,” she said.

"Labor has made it clear that we are committed to drought-proofing projects but not by ripping money out of critical infrastructure projects for rural and regional areas.

"We support the Future Drought Fund but not at the expense of the taxpayer who has already contributed to the Regional Development Fund.”

Mrs Little said one thing she was promising to change was to give locals a representative who would devote 100 per cent of their time to working for them, listening to their concerns and caring about the best outcomes for them.

"The drought and the effects on our farmers are devastating and, if elected, I will fight for a suitable and sustainable solution to our water infrastructure,” she said.

"I will work with everyone to ensure this region is recognised.”

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