Leslie Gordon Sharp, now 51.
Leslie Gordon Sharp, now 51. FILE/Crimestoppers

'Most wanted' fugitive had a stash of weapons

A FUGITIVE once among Australia's most wanted criminals indulged in a wild crime spree on parole and had a weapon cache stashed in a forest.

Leslie Gordon Sharp, 51, was in court on Tuesday.

Sharp pleaded guilty after using doctored driver's licences and stashing firearms and drug-making equipment in a Sunshine Coast forest.

He was sentenced for multiple drug possession, stealing, and forgery offences.

Sharp was jailed in 1999 for crimes including attempted murder and sexual assault.

Released in January 2010, his parole was repeatedly cancelled in following years because he kept re-offending.

Sharp was also sentenced at Brisbane Supreme Court this week for dangerous driving, after speeding away from police and crossing double lines.

Prosecutor David Nardone said Sharp was "actively avoiding authorities" before he was detained in December 2015.

Mr Nardone said Sharp used an altered driving licence to complete a tenancy application.

The prosecutor said Sharp, when in custody, wrote to an associate about boxes stashed away "perhaps for future use upon his release".

Justice James Douglas said police found a pump-action shotgun and shortened rifle in the Yandina forest.

The Crown said a six-year sentence was appropriate for the latest offending.

Mr Nardone said Sharp made early guilty pleas and could be eligible for parole immediately.

The prosecutor said this might seem "generous", but Sharp already spent more than two years in custody.

Mr Nardone and defence counsel Simon Lewis both said it was unlikely Sharp would get parole immediately.

Sharp had several supporters in court, including some who provided references.

Mr Lewis said Sharp was working with a drug rehab group.

He said ice - a drug Sharp had not tried until a few years ago - influenced some of the offending.

Mr Lewis said Sharp moved to Townsville when he was a fugitive, attended the birth of a grandchild, and worked as a labourer.

In 2015, police and Crime Stoppers named Sharp as one of Australia's most wanted criminals.

Sharp was jailed for four years but given immediate parole eligibility. -NewsRegional

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