Psychics plot the future in Roma

Psychic Cassandra Eason was in Roma on the weekend for the Australian Psychic Expo.
Psychic Cassandra Eason was in Roma on the weekend for the Australian Psychic Expo.

FORTUNE telling is a rare gift, so it was no surprise Roma Explorers attracted big crowds for the Australian Psychic Expo last week.

Visitors could choose from tarot cards to crystals and visit six psychics who were there to divine the future.

The Western Star caught up with British psychic Cassandra Eason who is a world renowned practitioner and author on neo-paganism, new age spirituality and the occult.

Ms Eason said she started as a teacher and a psychologist, so she came at spirituality from a logical point of view.

"But then, when my middle son was three, he said one morning Dad's fallen off his motorbike, but he's okay," Ms Eason said.

"That very moment 40 miles away, his motorbike skidded on a patch of oil."

Ms Eason said she had come across this before but had never treated it seriously. "Lots of mothers came up to me at the kindy and said my child's known something."

Ms Eason said she decided to do research.

"I discovered this hidden world of children who were having amazing experiences," she said.

"There was a little girl who moved into a house with her mum and asked why does that old lady sit by the fire in her nightie wearing a hat with roses."

Ms Eason said the mother asked a neighbour who said the girl had described an old lady who had lived in the house.

Ms Eason said she didn't just tell people their future. "It is also helping people, whether it's with bereavement, or with kids who've seen spirits," she said. "For young kids, that's very common."


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