FREAKY FRIDAY: Friday the 13th has proven to be bad news for some people throughout history.
FREAKY FRIDAY: Friday the 13th has proven to be bad news for some people throughout history. SCOTT POWICKScott Powick

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IT doesn't happen very often but when it does, Friday the 13th tends to give everyone the creeps.

Most people believe the superstition unfounded but there have been the odd occasions throughout history that have left us wondering whether the freaky day really might be bad luck.

Here are a few of the unfortunate events that have occurred on Friday the 13th throughout history, so you can be the judge.

Survivors Turn to Cannibalism

A rugby team from Uruguay was caught up in a devastating ordeal in 1972, after the plane they were flying in crashed into snowy mountains on Friday the 13th of October.

Twenty-seven people survived the crash out of 45, but they were not out of the woods.

With no food in sight, they were forced to eat the remains for their friends in order to survive.

There were ultimately 16 survivors, the last of whom were rescued in December.

Tupac Shakur Died

If in fact you believe he's dead, American rapper Tupac reportedly passed away in hospital after being shot.

He was injured in a drive-by shooting in September and those responsible have never been found.

There were conspiracy theories galore about the reasons for his shooting, including personal fights and gang violence.

But some still believe he's out there somewhere in hiding.

Black Friday Fires

In 1939, thirty-six people died on this day alone when a bushfire ripped through Victoria.

Extremely dry conditions and failed attempts to back burn led to a number of blazes across the entire Australian state.

A total for 71 people died that January, but Black Friday claimed half of those on its own.

Cruise Ship Capsizes

Who could forget when the Costa Concordia spectacularly sunk just off the Tuscan coast in 2012.

The vessel had hit a reef and passengers made their escape with lifeboats.

But the most unlucky part of this event was the aftermath, when it took 19 hours to dislodge the ship from the reef.

Wall Street Crash

In 1989, traders were gobsmacked when a Black Friday crash saw the Dow Jones market fall by almost 7%.

Many see this event as the start of the 1990s recession, but the market still continues to flinch a little when the calendar lands on a Friday the 13th.

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