Residents snap amazing photos of spouts in Darling Downs

Landspout near Cecil Plains, captured by Claire Flegler.
Landspout near Cecil Plains, captured by Claire Flegler. Claire Flegler

DARLING Downs residents are capturing some amazing images as the wild weather descends on the region this weekend.

As thunderstorms and heavy rain drench the needy farmland, local Dakota Davies snapped the moment a landspout formed near Cecil Plains during an intense storm.

Weather watching group Higgins Storm Chasing explained the difference between a landspout and a tornado on its Facebook page.

"The difference between a landspout and a tornado is that a tornado forms under a parent thunderstorm / supercell with a rotating updraft," the post said.

"A landspout occurs where there are converging winds and the thunderstorm doesn't have a rotating updraft.

"Landspouts are typically much weaker than tornadoes, but they can still cause damage if they move over structures or properties."


Claire Flegler picked up an even more amazing image of another landspout at Bongeen, just 50km west of Toowoomba.



The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting thunderstorms and rain until Tuesday, when it will clear up.

If you have other amazing photos of storms and rain, send it in to

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