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'I just see a nation who holds out their hand'

There is a lot to love about being Australian.
There is a lot to love about being Australian. Trevor Veale

Our media love to paint a picture that is dark and grey and gloomy.

My own eyes and ears dispel that view, with hope and understanding.

I have searched for what they say. The hate, that apparently is there.

But I just see a nation who holds out their hand, and gets on with it and so we stand. There are songs about it, we walked across a bridge for it, we have travelled so far with it.

There are still some who cry wolf and don't believe.

A shame to complain with stories long past.

Let's all shout for the now. Let's share and talk and laugh and love. And tell new stories of what we have all done.

The songs, the stars, the sportsmen too. The names are as different as the people we honour,

Not just white but every colour.

My blood comes from many places just like our nation with many races.

The Australian way, shell be right mate, and give a mate a hand, let's stand together and salute our land.

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