'Voyeuristic' paedophile to stay in jail

AUSTRALIA's worst paedophile - who molested 62 girls aged between one month and 15 years - remains a "serious danger to the community" and will stay in jail.

Judge Kerry O'Brien said Geoffrey Robert Dobbs, 58, had paedophilia with voyeuristic tendencies and experts had established he had trouble "managing his urges".

"I accept (Dobbs) remains, for the present, a serious dangerous to the community," he said as he continued the man's indefinite jail sentence.

Judge O'Brien recommended authorities permit Dobbs to continue his treatment program with psychiatrist Dr Lars Madsen and ensure he completed another sexual offender maintenance program before his next statutory review.

Dobbs was a former Brisbane Boys Brigade leader, gymnastics instructor and Sunday school teacher.

He was Telstra's Y2K expert in Queensland and travelled extensively throughout Australia.

Dobbs' secret life was exposed when he left a video camera, with a tape jammed inside, for repair in Melbourne in 1999 and the technician found footage of him having sex with a girl.

Police found the sexual predator had more than 500 hours of footage showing his abuse, some taken from hidden cameras on change rooms.

The offences were committed from 1972, when Dobbs was 18, to 1999, when he was 45.

Judge O'Brien, on Friday, said Dr Madsen had been working with Dobbs on his "motivation for change" and "sexual deviancy".

He said, during Dobbs' third indefinite sentence review in Brisbane District Court, the doctor indicated Dobbs had engaged positively and the work he completed was "at a good standard".

But the report concluded: "Considering the long-term nature of his deviancy, he's unlikely to lose his sexual interest".

Judge O'Brien said psychiatrist Dr Joan Lawrence found Dobbs had made some progress but felt he needed further help to develop strategies to avoid re-offending.

"In her summary, Dr Lawrence notes that he has been receiving psychological and psychiatric intervention since his last assessment and that there is some evidence of benefit," he said.

"Although she adds there are still limitations to that benefit."

In previous court reports, Dr Lawrence revealed Dobbs had "euphoric recall" about his conduct and seemed to "enjoy recalling his crimes".

Offenders serving indefinite sentences must have regular statutory reviews.

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